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Alcohol & Drug Testing

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Department of Transportation Drug Testing

SM Transit provides DOT compliant drug testing and DOT breath alcohol testing across the entire United States. In most cases, SM Transit will have multiple DOT Approved Drug Testing in-network collection sites in your area. 

Employer Drug Testing - Non DOT Regulation

An effective drug and alcohol screening program is essential to maintaining a safe work environment. Our testing programs are designed to meet the strictest Judicial and DOT guidelines and protocols, making them the ideal solution to support safe, drug-free workplaces. 

Self or Family Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug testing a family member or not being sure you can pass a pre-employment drug test can be stressful. The staff at SM Transit can provide a solution for any situation. If you have recently used drugs and need a pre-employment drug test, it’s not uncommon to first check to see if you will pass. 

School Drug Testing

At SM Transit we offer drug testing for schools, school related events, and professional / trade schools. If you’re in need of alcohol or drug testing at your educational institution for whatever situation, we can help with all your testing needs.

Court Ordered Drug & Alcohol Testing

SM Transit offers an uncompromising testing process for drug and alcohol testing for the local, state and federal criminal justice system. We understand the unique needs of the criminal justice system program from participant orientation, random scheduling, results reporting, attending court staffing sessions, and/or testimony.